Sweet Pea Candle - 8oz
Sweet Pea Candle - 8oz
Sweet Pea Candle - 8oz
Wick'd Petals

Sweet Pea Candle - 8oz

$17.95 CAD

This candle has been infused with a fresh and delicate combination of fresh sweet pea flowers, violets, and sun-kissed berries! This is the perfect fragrance of Summer, and based on customer reviews, smells exactly like the flower! To add the perfect botanical touch, this candle is topped with Sweet Peas from our studio garden, and two local flower farms! With proper candle care, this tin candle will burn for 25+ hours.

100% plant based wax
Natural fibre wick
High quality fragrance oils

Burning Instructions:
Remove all packaging and place candle on an even and heat resistant surface.
Before each burn, ensure to trim wick to 1/4”.
To achieve clean burn, allow the candle to completely melt across the top to avoid tunneling.
Discontinue burning when wax is 1/4" from bottom of container.