Pokoloko Alpaca Dryer Balls Pack Of 3 - Multicolour

Pokoloko Alpaca Dryer Balls Pack Of 3 - Multicolour

$32.95 CAD

Awesome for your clothes and the environment, these Alpaca Dryer Balls eliminate the need for disposable dryer sheets! They are more effective at softening laundry, reducing static and removing wrinkles as well as reducing dryer time. The Alpaca Dryer Balls will absorb moisture and increase air circulation reducing your dryer time and energy use. Add 3-6 balls into your dryer with your load of laundry and go!

For added natural scent, when clothes are dry, add 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oil to the balls, and then dry clothing and balls for another 10 minutes on a non-heat, air-dry setting.

50% Peruvian alpaca and 50% Peruvian wool.
3 alpaca balls = 500+ dryer loads
Keep balls in dryer between loads or store in box
100% chemical free, fairly traded, and ethically sourced
Made in Peru