Summer Sorbet Candle - 8oz
Wick'd Petals

Summer Sorbet Candle - 8oz

$17.95 CAD

This soy candle has been infused with notes of crisp green apples, apricots, and tart black currants. This fragrance is reminiscent of hot summer evenings eating gelato at a Farmer’s Market. To add the perfect botanical touch, this candle is topped with dried cornflowers in the colours blue, pink, and purple.

8oz // burn time: 25+ hours

Burning Instructions:
Remove all packaging and place candle on an even and heat resistant surface.
Before each burn, ensure to trim wick to 1/4”.
To achieve clean burn, allow the candle to completely melt across the top to avoid tunneling.
Discontinue burning when wax is 1/4" from bottom of container. 

Materials: 100% Plant-Based Wax, Natural Fibre Wick, High Quality Fragrance Oils, Cornflower.