Peg Bartram Wood Balm
Peg Bartram Wood Balm
Peg Bartram Wood Balm
Peg & Awl

Peg Bartram Wood Balm

$21.00 CAD

Natural balm that restores and preserves kitchen objects made of wood while synchronously nourishing your hands. We use this to finish all of our kitchen objects and we recommend that they be refinished regularly when they start to get dull and look worn.

Petroleum Free. Pure Plant Oils. Recycled Package.

Made by hand in collaboration with Priya Means Love.

Small farm golden beeswax
Fractionated coconut oil
Wild-harvested Eastern Hemlock essential oil
Rosemary oleoresin

To use:
Apply a small amount to cloth and rub in the direction of the grain. Reapply until wood stops absorbing. Wipe excess.