Rose Quartz Multi-Purpose Gemstone Mist
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Rose Quartz Multi-Purpose Gemstone Mist

$25.00 USD

Treat your skin to some love with rose water and healing rose quartz. Rose absolute and jojoba oil help clarify and deeply hydrate skin. Rose water and rose absolute also work to reduce redness and inflammation of skin. Use this mist as a hydrating facial toner, refreshing body spritz, or linen spray.

Directions on face: Shake before using. Spritz on face a few times and rub in with cotton pad. We recommend using the spray on your face after cleansing.

General directions: Use Rose Quartz Gemstone Mist when you need a boost of freshness and the benefits of aromatherapy. Mist can be sprayed on linens or on body after yoga or excercise to freshen up.

Ingredients: rose hydrosol, aloe barbadensis leaf water, witch hazel, rose absolute, jojoba oil, sage dalmation essential oil, hibiscus extract powder.

10% is donated to help conserve wildlife.