Drops Grace Bracelet
Drops of Gratitude

Drops Grace Bracelet

$33.00 USD

Mood isn’t set in stone – change it! Make life better for yourself and others. Infuse your gratitude with the perfect bracelet combination of natural materials and essential oils. Not only does this bracelet look beautiful but it speaks to our most primitive sense of smell. Each bracelet comes with natural semi-precious stones and 4 porous lava stones that you can infuse with a drop or two of the complimentary essential-oil blend to unearth your senses and enhance the therapeutic qualities of the precious stones. This bracelet makes the perfect gift for a friend or special person in your life or treat yourself with this soul filling treasure.

Don't forget to order your complimentary Essential Oil Blend with the purchase of your DROPS Bracelet.

RHODONITE is a stone of elegance & can clear old patterns of self-doubt so you can see your true inner beauty.

“I am Perfect.”

Size: 18.5 cm (fits most)