Gold Amber with Rose Quartz Necklace
The Plaid Giraffe

Gold Amber with Rose Quartz Necklace

$39.95 CAD

This beautiful natural Baltic Amber necklace is created from natural golden baltic amber and beautiful rose quartz. This combination is stylish and also known for its natural healing characteristics. Baltic Amber is fossilized tree resin and comes in a variety of shapes and colours. It is known for its beauty but also because it contains succinic acid, a natural analgesic and healing agent. When the amber comes in direct contact with your skin it will warm against your body and the succinic acid will be absorbed through your skin and may help with pain relief. 

18" or 20" in length
Twist together clasp and knotted between each bead
Succinic Acid is made in small doses naturally in our bodies during times of pain, injury or fever. Since our bodies naturally produce Succinic Acid, it is considered hypoallergenic.