Lug Cargo 5PC Packing Kit - Heather

Lug Cargo 5PC Packing Kit - Heather

$82.00 CAD

Our Cargo 5pc Packing Set will have you high-fiving all the way to the airport! Each set comes with a colourful assortment (yes, each case is a different colour!), including one large square, two medium squares, one small square, and one large tube. And just like our original cargo cases, they roll up to a fraction of the size when not in use. Packing has never been easier or more organized!

Small Square: 10"W x 7"H x 3"D
Medium Square: 14.5"W x 10.5"H x 5"D

Large Square: 18"W x 13"H x 4"D

Large Tube: 6.5"W x 15.5"H x 6.5"D