Cold Brewed Coffee - Cocktail & Soda Mix
Split Tree Cocktail

Cold Brewed Coffee - Cocktail & Soda Mix

$21.00 USD

Dark and mysterious this is our first zero sugar cocktail and soda mix. Made from 100% Moka Harar Coffee, from the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia. We have cold brewed it to a bold and bitter concentrate for you to mix with your favourite spirit, soda, or ice cappuccino! Try your hand at our recipes or dive into the darkness by crafting one of your own concoctions. Looking for a little sweetness, give maple syrup a try!


Ingredients: water, cold-brewed coffee

All mixes are sold in 8oz. (250ml) bottles

A typical drink will use between ½ oz and 1 oz of our mixes

Each bottle will make 8-16 drinks

ZERO grams of sugar per serving!